Guidelines for Participation

The aim of this competition is to promote Japan's traditional industries and fashion design culture overseas. Specifically, it involves creating "sarees," a traditional garment from South Asia, using the Japanese traditional technique of Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing (Kyoyuzen Kimonos). The goal is to foster international exchange by expressing designs and patterns that reflect the clothing cultures and traditions of various countries through Kyoto Yuzen.

The theme is "Sensitivity and Culture reflected in the Sarees". We are looking for designs that express a particular culture, tradition or tradition that you would like to wear.

Call for Entries:
1. Submission Content: Designs for saree patterns and motifs.
2. Deadline: September 10, 2024 (Tuesday) *Postmarked by this date.
3. Conditions:
3-1)No more than 3 entries per person. (Participation is free of charge).
3-2)Any country, age or occupation is acceptable.
3-3)Only works that have not been submitted to other competitions are eligible.
3-4)Reproductions of existing works or works in different colors will not be accepted.

4. Submission Requirements:
4-1) Paper size within A3 (42 cm x 29.7 cm)
4-2) Colored submissions (Any coloring materials are acceptable, and formats such as paintings, illustrations, computer graphics, etc., are all accepted)
  • Please fill in the required information (contact details, intent of the work, etc.) on the designated application form and send it along with your work by mail or email. There are no restrictions on the envelope size or delivery method.
  • Entries will not be considered for selection if the organizer determines that there is a possibility of copyright or design rights issues with the entry.
  • Submitted works will not be returned.

  • 5. Application Process:
    5-1) Fill out the application form
      *Download the application form (PDF or Word file) from the link below.
      [Word] | [PDF]
    5-2) Submit your design and application form by email or postal mail.
    5F, Sensho-Kaikan, 97 Nishirokaku-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8217, JAPAN
    Kyoto Cooperative Association of KOUGEISENSHO

    Please be sure to read the following important notification before applying for this competition.

    Kyoto Yuzen Saree*This photo is an example of a prototype Kyoto Yuzen Saree.

    Important Notification

    Information regarding the selection of entries:
    - Number of Awards: 1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize, 1 Bronze Prize, and Honorable Mentions (number to be determined)
    - Prizes: Winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prizes will receive a prototype saree of their design and a certificate. Honorable Mention recipients will receive a commemorative gift and a certificate.
    - Exhibition: Scheduled to be held in New Delhi, India (December 2024) and Tokyo (January 2025).
    - Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prize winners will be notified of their awards in late September 2024 and will be asked for their consent to produce a prototype of their designs (if consent is not given, the prototype will not be made).
    - The designs that win the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prizes will be used as motifs for creating prototype sarees, but these prototypes will not be sold.

    Copyright Usage Permission for Award-Winning Works:
    1. Scope of Use
    The organizer will request permission to use the winners' designs within the following scope.
    2. Usages
    2-1) To exhibit the award-winning designs at presentation ceremonies organized by the committee (up to six times per year).
    2-2) To create prototype sarees using the Kyoto Yuzen dyeing technique based on the award-winning designs. However, the designs may be modified considering the characteristics of the prototypes.
    2-3) To feature the award-winning designs and prototypes on the competition-related websites and in printed materials (invitations, brochures, reports, etc.).
    3. Term: 3 years. (October 1, 2024 - September 30, 2027)
    4. Regions: Japan, India, and the competition's website.
    5. Handling: The submitted works will be carefully stored and will not be sold.
    6. Commemorative Gifts: Award winners will receive certificates and commemorative gifts by mid-February 2025.

    About Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing (Kyoyuzen Kimonos)